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Need an objective evaluation of a home to ensure that it is a sound investment?

The Buyer Inspection is an objective evaluation of the home that:

  • Assesses the condition of the home from roof to foundation.

  • Identifies the components that are not performing.

  • Identifies safety concerns.

  • Describes items that are near the end of their service life.

  • Identifies components or systems that are potential major expenditures.

  • Describes maintenance tips to protect your investment.

  • Provides you with a solid foundation of knowledge to give you confidence in your investment.

Looking to market and sell your home more effectively?


The Seller Inspection is a Pre-listing evaluation of your home. This is a great marketing tool which gives you a competitive advantage over other homes on the market. It provides for full disclosure and gives you an opportunity to make repairs or to adjust pricing to take into account what needs to be repaired prior to marketing the home. This will help to sell your home faster and at the highest possible price. A pre- listing evaluation is a wise decision for anyone looking to list their home.

Want to maintain or update your "forever home" but don't know where to begin?

No home is perfect, not even your dream home. The Home Condition Inspection is an evaluation of your home that identifies the areas that require immediate attention, routine maintenance, or will require future repair. We will inspect all major systems in your home and review the finding with you.  If you are looking to make updates, we will make recommendations on what updates will bring you the maximum return on your investment. Help reduce the risk, stress and potential costs from an under maintained home.

Concerned that your current home or potential home contains Radon gas?

Radon is the #1 cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoke, and it is estimated to cause approximately 21,000 deaths each year.

Our Radalink AirCat continuous monitors provide a complete report that passive testing devices cannot offer. 

We typically get the radon test results back the same day as pick up!

Radon testing is offered as a standalone service or can be packaged with a home inspection at a discounted rate.

Looking to purchase a commercial property?


Having a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) conducted prior to closing on a commercial property is a wise decision. The Property Condition Assessment can identify serious defects and deficiencies that can be costly to repair or maintain. Let us provide you with the facts about your potential investment so that you can make an informed investment decision.


The Property Condition Assessments is performed in accordance with ASTM E2018-15 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments. The assessment will include the following:

  • Inspection of the Roof, Structure, Electrical System, Building Elements, and Site Improvements.

  • Property Condition Report (PCR) which will summarize the assessment as well as list material defects, concerns observed, and recommendations for repairs.


Every Cahaba Home Inspection Includes:

10% Discount

All first time home buyers receive a 10% discount on home inspections including any ancillary services.

All military personnel receive a 10% discount on home inspections including any ancillary services.

Discount offers may not be combined. 

Free Action Item List

This is an interactive list of the defects identified in the Inspection Report. You can select the defects you would like to adress, add notes, and print or save digitally. This list can be used as a work order to submit to the seller for corrective action (in lieu of the report), a contractor for repair, or as a checklist for final walkthrough. 

This service is free upon request and provides the client with a visual map of the homes equipment located in the  attic or crawl space. This map will help the homeowner to troubleshoot future problems should they occur and identify which trades person to call. 

200% Guarantee

We are so confident that our clients will be satisfied with our work that we offer a 200% guarantee, which means that we will not only refund your money but also pay for another home inspection of equal or lesser value.

50% Off

We offer  50% off the inspection price for  a re-inspection.  The re-inspection is performed once deficiencies found in the initial home inspection have been corrected by the seller.  The re-inspection insures that the corrections are complete and were made in accordance with known repair standards. 

Free Home Set-Up and Maintenance Guide 











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